You're bad at hiring.


Industry standards focus on resumes and whether someone can convey their value in an interview - two of the worst ways to determine if they will perform well during a hiring campaign!

Common Mistakes

Raise your hand if you've experienced one of these!


Unknowingly fell into one of these traps when deciding who to hire...

Filtered candidates based on a specific role with a checklist of requirements
Qualified non-technical candidates primarily on resume and history of experiences
WOWed by their interview and felt like they couldn't be a more perfect fit
Chose someone who felt "familiar" and like your type of person
Made a quick hire instead of a thorough hiring campaign with multiple candidates

Started excitedly with a new team member, but then were left wondering...

They seemed SO great, what happened! This quality of work doesn't meet the bar.
Do they not see these issues? There's such a lack of attention to detail.
What are they spending their time on? Delegation and communication isn't working.
Is it too much to ask for someone to be passionate and proactive in their work?

Great News

Those mistakes can be avoided! You can absolutely find the team member of your dreams.

We can help you suck less at hiring and create a magical team.

If you're ready to...
Take the time for a 3-4 week hiring campaign and evaluate multiple candidates.
Think about roles, teams, and hiring differently from the way you have been.
Actively look for the candidates who are NOT similar to you.
Trust and be patient that there's value in others with an alternative approach from you.

Senior Strategist, CEOChristina Salerno

CoordinatorFrançoise Danoy

StrategistErika Sable

CoordinatorOlivia Wirick

We are Hiring Geeks

We’re extremely passionate about changing the way hiring is done so that it’s more equitable and effective. Having felt the pains and joys on both sides, we’re on a mission to make the hiring experience enjoyable and successful for all.

We discovered the best hires were often the worst at interviewing while amazing candidates on “paper” had huge performance issues. Through a LOT of experimentation in her own business, our CEO Christina developed a unique methodology. Then, refined and validated it in dozens of contract hiring campaigns for other businesses.

Now, we have a small, but mighty team enthusiastic about helping you create your own magical team.

Methodology Principles

Hire for a partnership - stop filling a "role" with a person. By aligning candidates with the team gaps, business needs, and culture must haves, there's more freedom for someone great to make an impact.
Rigorously check biases throughout the evaluation process. You will always gravitate towards "similarity", but that doesn't foster diversity which is key for a thriving team.
Give candidates opportunities to showcase their skills. Instead of them "telling" what they do, include experiences to help determine whether it's a fit for both company and candidate.

Consider bottlenecks, culture, and what's needed to balance your team.


Attract a diverse range of enthusiastic and quality candidates.


Filter candidates based on performance and criteria that matters most.


Ensure success through training, delegation processes, and feedback.

The CEO whisperer that you didn't realize you needed! A+++
Gesche HaasFounder & CEO of Dreamers & Doers

“I’d highly recommend working with Magical Teams if you’re looking to be backed by the ‘A Team’. Christina brings with her an invaluable breadth of working experience that spans multiple industries and roles and was a huge asset to us when we were hiring, leading our team, as well as in need of nitty gritty business operations optimization and execution. She’s both an intuitive visionary and nuts and bolts operator, and saying that it’s a dream to work with her is an understatement. Our company has increased revenue, improved our day-to-day operations, and I as a leader have not only won back time but have grown leaps and bounds on a professional and personal level by working with them. They’re the CEO whisperer that you didn’t realize you needed! A+++”
Magical Teams helped us "see into the future" by using their unique hiring campaign.
Michelle VoStudio Manager at Heidi Marshall Studios

“Hiring is usually stressful because you feel like you have to make a big decision based on brief flashes of information. However, Magical Teams helped us “see into the future” by using their unique hiring campaign to uncover things you normally don’t find out until after you’ve hired someone. I felt at ease watching them captain the various stages of recruiting and evaluation. The whole process was more thorough than anything we would have come up with on our own. They also helped us sort through the factors that would end up mattering most to a small team like ours. Our new hires integrated seamlessly into our team, and they really hit the ground running on day one. Looking back, we know with confidence exactly why each person was hired.”
A method of making the hiring process so delightful and most importantly, successful.
Angela TanHired by Magical Teams for a client

Magical Teams’ holistic approach to hiring is one of a kind. They take the time to learn exactly where their clients need support in their business. They also have the gift of writing fun and captivating job descriptions! During the hiring process, they created trial projects for qualified applicants to test their skills and quality of work. In addition to their amazing attention to detail and level of awareness of human behaviors, they also have a library of assessments to evaluate the strengths and work styles of the candidates. They truly have a method of making the hiring process so delightful and most importantly, successful.”

Hiring Campaign Support Packages

Staffing agencies typically charge a placement fee that’s 20-50%+ of the salary, per person, each and every time you want to do a hiring campaign.

We think that is ridiculous. We will set up your hiring campaign system for you, hire someone amazing to join your team, teach you or your team member how to hire effectively in the future, and then you can reuse the system over and over again.

Packages range from $5,000 – $10,000+* and are customized based on your needs.

*we offer smaller packages for non-profits or self-funded small businesses.

We also offer a group 3-Day Workshop format at a more affordable investment:

F . A . Q .
What is a "hiring campaign"?

It’s a more intentional and organized approach to hiring. Typically with a goal of bringing in plenty of candidates to the “pool” so there are diverse and high caliber options. Then, considering those options through a series of events in order to make a final decision on who to bring on to the team.

Do you help me decide who to hire for?

Yes! This is the first step of the process. There are many important things to consider BEFORE starting your hiring. At every package level, there’s facilitated support to make sure you’re hiring the most aligned role, responsibilities, and type of person for your business and team.

What if I want to hire more than one person?

Our process works for multiple campaigns (ideal for different roles) as well as one campaign for multiple new team members (ideal for a similar role with different skills/strengths). Depending on your current team structure and needs, sometimes we recommend bringing on 2 or 3 top candidates for a trial phase. This can mitigate risk, be efficient for training, create camaraderie, and ensure you’re ready for growth.

What's the timeline of a hiring campaign process?

Usually a hiring campaign takes 4-6 weeks from the time of our kickoff call to making an offer. Niche or very specific requirements can also increase the time or efforts needed for sourcing / recruiting.

How long do I have access to the Resource Library materials?

You’ll get lifetime access to all Resource Library materials that come with every package level. The facilitated guidance through the process is the only time bound support, which we can plan together in advance.