The Leader Lab

A group program to nurture you into the best leader you can be so you can scale your business and team to the next level.

Let's face it... Being a leader can feel lonely AF. And most of the time you're totally winging it.

We hear ALL the time how team members feel under-utilized and over-criticized. We’ve been there ourselves too. It sucks and most develop a tough skin to “put up with it” and keep their mouth shut, or venture out to work on their own.

The majority of entrepreneurs and small business owners got there by accident. This means leaders are vastly unequipped and accidentally don’t set their team up for success.

Even leaders who have great intentions and are doing a lot of personal work and programs to try to improve are not exempt.

Maybe you’ve… done a bunch of personal development work to be a better leader, but feel lost “managing” a team – how are people able to create and deliver the services/products, grow the business, lead the team, AND delegate and manage their team members’ work and performance?! (the secret is they’re not doing it successfully!)

Maybe you’ve… found a great business coach or some biz besties and they’re wonderful to jam on ideas and strategy, but if you’re going to scale you need a partner in growth. Someone who is IN it with you. A second brain who can dig in and be there with you to get you where you want to go.

Maybe you’ve… brought on an OBM or Operations Manager, but they’ve never actually run a business before and their knowledge is just a little behind of what you need. They’re great for keeping the trains running, but overwhelmed when mapping out a new set of tracks. And, what you really need next is to discover some new pathways.

Whatever your specific situation is, when it comes down to it… you have a gap and you don’t know how to fill it.

You want that unicorn partner who has been there, done it, and will be side-by-side with you to get to the next level.


When you learn a sport, dance, or musical instrument – you practice and have a mentor there with you by your side and giving real-time feedback. It’s called “deliberate practice”. And, it’s been proven to be extremely effective.

Now. WHY educational schools, coaching, and the personal development industry have completely missed the mark on having deliberate practice in their curriculum is a larger problem to deal with another day.

We won’t do that to you here. The Leader Lab program is effective because it’s not theoretical. It’s practical and completely customized to you.

We will be there with you, side-by-side, to dig in, build, experiment, give/get feedback, implement, and guide you and your team members to the next level. We can also help you figure out what that next level is through practical experimentation and discovery.

If you’re a little confused about what this program is… that’s because it doesn’t often exist in the business coaching world.

It’s more like a personal trainer program. We’re going to work out together, help you target the exact muscles you need to develop, and give you feedback to make sure you get your leadership skills, team, and business to be healthy, prosperous, and thriving.


What's Included:
Weekly and monthly calls to support your various needs and goals through coaching, mentorship, and learning through observation of other leaders.
Access to our ever-growing Resource Library with templates, worksheets, and resources support across all areas of hiring, managing a team, operations, and growing a business.
Resource Library access for your team members. + If you have someone on your team you'd like to develop into a leader they can participate in the program as well, no extra cost.
Multiple facilitators with diverse and wide ranging backgrounds and expertise. We work cohesively to utilize our individual strengths within the program based on your needs.
A small group community of leaders who are kind, up to awesome things in the world, and committed to being a leader who empowers their team members.
Feedback discussion space where you can bring ANY topic related to leadership, managing a team, hiring, operations, and growing a business.
Celebration discussion space where you can interact with the other leaders or leaders in training and cheer each other on!
BONUS: If you commit to 1 year, you will get 1) a custom deep dive business audit where we will dig in and observe the day-to-day of your business and provide a detailed report of our findings with prioritized recommendations. 2) AND! Access to participate in the Smarter Hire Workshop. ($2,497 value)


INVESTMENT: $750 per month

NEXT STEP: Schedule a call to discuss the program with Christina.


STRATEGISTKathryn Kastrinos

Supporting online entrepreneurs and digital businesses for nearly a decade as a Sales Manager and Director of Operations with expertise in sales, hiring, and operations!


Actor turned recruitment coordinator who genuinely loves to connect with people and inspire others to get out of their comfort zone!

STRATEGISTChristina Salerno

Operations expert with a background in coaching. 15+ years experience helping small online businesses grow their team and operations.

STRATEGISTLudmilla Wallendorf

Certified Director of Operations and Chartered Accountant experienced working with both corporate and online small businesses.


Inclusion Marketer. Neurodiversity advocate. Helped grow over 40 companies in a wide variety of industries, including as an early stage investor. 4 successful exits as a Founder.


From IT at international corporations to marketing for local businesses, Erika loves building the right team that helps leaders grow and fulfill their vision. Experienced in project management and recruiting.
F . A . Q .
What if I can't attend the live calls?

Depending on the call type, we have planned for alternatives or workarounds to make sure no matter what arises – you get the support you need!

Can my team member(s) participate?

Yes! They can either be given access to the Resource Library. Or, if you’d like them to participate with you in the program, they can join at no extra cost.

How do you ensure privacy and safety for participants in the program?

We are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice. We want every person to feel safe, seen, and spacious to be whatever and wherever they are. As this is a group format experience, safety is our top priority. We have intentional community guidelines and will step in as needed to repair and reinforce safety. 

I'm not really sure what I need, can you help me figure that out?

Absolutely! There is definitely space for this as part of the Leader Lab program. We believe in making space for the unknown as well as the known. But, if you’re not sure where to start and if this program is right for you, we’re also happy to talk with you to determine if and how we might be able to best support you.

Do you offer something more custom, private, and 1-on-1?

We work with a very limited number of 1-on-1 clients. We’d love to talk with you and see if that might be a better fit for you. Schedule a call here to talk with Christina about your goals, challenges, and desires!