Why exclude perfectly
capable & often over
qualified individuals even
unknowingly, out of the
hiring process?

More than half of workers with diagnoses like autism, ADHD and social anxiety are underemployed or unemployed. 

Here at Magical Teams, it’s important to us to help close this gaping hole in the workforce and help teams spread even more of their magic by encouraging and supporting neurodivergent-friendly hiring procedures and work teams.

Neurodivergent employees provide great strengths to potential employers despite most of them being without employment; their unique strengths such as hyperfocus, superior analytical prowess and inventing new and refreshing ways to approach problems and identify patterns. 

Archaic interview styles and corporate work culture expectations largely based on neurotypical applicants screen out potential employee’s with the skills and untapped talent companies are in desperate need of right now. And most of them don’t even know it! 

All it takes is the desire to learn and incorporate inclusive recruitment practices, diverse positions, work culture and thoughtful accommodations to make a world of improvement in neurodivergent workers’ lives– not to mention the future innovation of companies everywhere.

But…where do we start with this? First, we’ll need your help.

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