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And in reality, the small ones that your employees are making often have a low impact and make for the best teachable moments. Mistakes are KEY in an employee’s growth. It gives them an opportunity to clean it up, take ownership, and implement something so the same mistake doesn’t happen again.

That employee you’ve known for two months isn’t a clone of you… well not yet at least. Giving quality feedback when mistakes are made will contribute to their growth immensely.

When you notice your employees
are making these mistakes, ask yourself:

Why was this mistake made? Did I provide enough training before handing the task off?
What would I have done differently and what is the best way to communicate that?
How can I position this mistake as a teachable moment?

Or when your superstar employees
leave to pursue something new:

Is this team member showing signs of boredom and may be feeling unfulfilled with their workload?
Am I underutilizing this team member?
What new challenges/projects could I add this team member to to make them feel better utilized?

Creating the ideal work environment for your entire team is challenging. We feel your frustrations. Let’s relieve some of those pain points and help you understand your team better by using a common language among you.

We’ve put together a tool that makes it easier to have those conversations with your employees. Whether they’re bored and getting burnt out or making a tremendous amount of mistakes, you are able to remedy the issue and be one step closer to building your dream team.

We're passionate about building the most magical teams possible.