Business Growthby Christina Salerno0A person or a process – what’s next?!

When you're at capacity as a small business owner / solopreneur, it's sometimes a chicken or the egg question... do you start with a system/process or hire a person? Had a great conversation with The Biz Studio with Lara Wellman where we discussed this topic and I shared some visual graphics to help you choose!

by Christina Salerno

she/her/hers - At my core, I’m a maker and a builder. I love to uncover the improvements that make the most impact and then build solutions other people can maintain. I’ve been nicknamed by clients the “all-seeing eye” and often get crushed on for my mad organization skills. I also have a personal passion for finding and empowering hidden gems in the hiring process – the folks who often get overlooked but are secretly wonderful team members. MY MAGIC: Investigative puzzle solver. Coaching that feels easeful yet potent. Builder of products and experiences. Organizing all the things. Celebration and nurture of people’s potential.

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