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We're passionate about building the most magical teams possible. We understand and support team building from BOTH sides. Both leaders and team members are longing for proper support and will flourish when they have it. We find that team members WANT to do more, to improve, and get results. But, leaders can’t, won’t, or don’t know how to support them in the ways that team members need to thrive. Our mission is to bridge the gap and make it a win-win for leaders AND their team


It's heart-breaking to invest in someone who doesn't produce quality work and can't seem to keep up.
It can feel frustrating, time consuming, and like all of the responsibility falls on you or you take work back because you're worried it won't be done well.
If only you could have proper support, the business would really prosper!


You have more to give, but it feels like none of your bosses can see, wants, or nurture it.
Confidence and enthusiasm gets squashed when leaders "fix", give unclear direction, or are overly opinionated.
If only you could have proper support, you
would really make an impact!

Christina Salerno

CEO and Senior Advisor
At my core, I’m a maker and a builder. I love to uncover the improvements that make the most impact and then build solutions other people can maintain. I’ve been nicknamed by clients the “all-seeing eye” and often get crushed on for my mad organization skills. I also have a personal passion for finding and empowering hidden gems in the hiring process – the folks who often get overlooked but are secretly wonderful team members.
MY MAGIC: Investigative puzzle solver. Coaching that feels easeful yet potent. Builder of products and experiences. Organizing all the things. Celebration and nurture of people’s potential.

Ludmilla Wallendorf

Senior Strategist for Finance & Operations
Fun and spreadsheets are not mutually exclusive, and if you ever thought so, I am deadset on proving you wrong.

After a stint in corporate as a Chartered Accountant, I traded high heels and pencil skirts for backpacking my way through South America. Along the way, I started a consulting business and helped dozens of entrepreneurs “lift the fog” when it came to business finances.

I’m a certified Director of Operations, which means my advice is grounded in the day-to-day of you running your business – not as solely an accountant behind a spreadsheet.
MY MAGIC: Bringing order to chaos in your business numbers. If you’re too afraid to “look under the hood” of your business numbers, don’t worry, you are totally not alone! I’ll partner with you to demystify your numbers and build you a sustainable and profitable business.

Cara Parrish

Senior Strategist for Marketing
I’ve helped grow over 40 companies in a wide variety of industries, including as an early stage investor. I founded 5 companies. I’m a philanthropist and an International Marketing Consultant with work in India, England, Estonia, South Africa, Canada, and the US.
MY MAGIC: Obsession with data-driven decisions. Always mapping what comes next. Doing the exact work I was meant to do.

Nick Hamilton

Senior Advisor for Tech Companies
From working in the intelligence community to over a decade in Silicon Valley to somatic coaching to master certified BBQ judge… I’ve been told by folks they never know what I will get into next. I’m a deep generalist. I believe what matters most is kindness, playfulness, good food, nature, and movement. I’m passionate about building teams with sustainable longterm strategy so they can be great without me.
MY MAGIC: Narrative storytelling. Distilling complex concepts into simple visual frameworks. Giving and receiving feedback. Expertise and experience across a wide range of industries.

Erika Sable

Strategist for Hiring and Operations & Director of Operations
From Information Technology within large international corporations to marketing for independent small local businesses, I’ve worked with a variety of business types and sizes. The common denominator in my career path is being a Strategist – I want to help a business figure out “What’s the plan for success?” One of the biggest keys to that is a team that can help the business grow, and I love having a part in helping our clients find their own magic team.
MY MAGIC: I thrive on working with small businesses and helping them to build the right team that helps them grow and fulfill their vision. I also love working at a higher level on projects to sort through multiple moving parts and make it a streamlined process for my team and my clients. I’ve been fortunate to work in a number of industries and I’m beyond thankful for that experience and insight.

Emily Sommers

Strategist for Operations
I’m an operations whiz with two decades of experience building successful retail companies from the ground up. I’ve partnered with international retailers to showcase my brand’s products across the globe and have found the most fulfillment in building something that is bigger than myself. My passion is in advocacy and truly believe we should leave the world a better place than we found it, for all humans and creatures great and small.
MY MAGIC: My first job was working for Disney and I took what I learned from them about the “gold standard of the customer experience” and run with it in everything that I do. My goal is to give clients the best possible experience so they feel wowed, valued, and delighted. I seek to build out true, long-lasting partnerships.

Deb Radloff

Coordinator for Hiring and Community
Five things: 1) Blending Coffee, milk, and ice together in a magic bullet does make it taste better, 2) The best discussions are the ones that can make you do a little “discussion jig” that isn’t quite a dance, but isn’t standing still, and if you aren’t audibly saying “YES”, you’re thinking it, and 3) I think everyone deserves
to feel valued, trusted, respected in life, and
the work they choose to do. 4) Did I find Recruiting, or did recruiting find me? 5) All skills are transferable, you just have to find
out how!
MY MAGIC: I’m an actor (who still acts)
turned recruitment coordinator who
genuinely loves to connect with people. My magic is a strong desire to get out of my own comfort zone, which means I’m often good at inspiring others to get out of theirs! Also handstands…
SAY HELLO TO Deb radloff

Olivia Wirick

Senior Coordinator for Hiring and Operations
When starting my career in the real estate world, I accidentally fell in love with recruiting even more than selling houses. If I’m not researching candidates and reviewing applications, I’m likely road tripping across America to the mountains, beaches, and everywhere in between. Fueled by my crippling coffee addiction, love to photograph breathtaking destinations, and longing to find the best hole in the wall restaurants that the locals adore.
MY MAGIC: A lover of new challenges, I bring my toolbox of lessons learned, skills mastered, and yearning to make the world a better place with me everywhere. Connecting someone with their dream job. Marketing the latest and greatest ‘built in the basement’ boutique. Blogging the best restaurants in town. Making a house a home. I love it all.
SAY HELLO TO olivia wirick

Françoise Danoy

Coordinator for Hiring and Operations
I’m a Franco-Māori American-Australian (yes, I have 4 citizenships!) who started out as a knitwear designer and coach in the fiber industry. My experience as a small business owner allowed me to to accumulate multiple skill sets, which I can bring to the table in helping other small businesses achieve their goals and dreams. My core value is infusing
aroha (love, compassion, empathy) into everything I do and I operate from a Māori mindset whenever and wherever possible. I enjoy challenges and throwing myself into the deep end of the swimming pool and learning how to adapt quick!
MY MAGIC: Taking sticks and string and transforming it into wearable items. Finding the silver lining in every scenario. Observing the best business practices across multiple industries and adapting them for specific niches. Nurturing people’s transformations. Transmuting words into stories that resonate.

Maica Angelica Miculob

Operations Manager
I am a generalist who’s happy place is anywhere there is coffee. I enjoy the process of closing loops, devising new ways to enhance performance and upgrade how things are done. Outside work, I’m a fulltime mom with a mission of using my grit to get the most out of life—even with three kids. Life has been colorful and messy. But at the end of the day, there’s so much beauty and love.
MY MAGIC: I love reducing processes, procedures and plans to their most basic parts. I love spotting minor flaws others fail to notice and figure out what needs to be fixed upgraded and updated. My calm response to chaos reassures others and helps me respond to what people need.

Trisha Bustamante

Admin Manager
Living up to my “Gemini” sign, I thrive in being part of different things – collecting new recipes, joining seminars and workshops I find interesting, attending an event that I passed by on the street, picking up a book, or just making friends with the person beside me. I see everything as a double-edged sword which gives me a good judgement of what is too much and too little. In everything I do, I am motivated to become the best sister I can be to my brothers, that includes Chupee and Issy, our furbabies.
MY MAGIC: You can find me adding my own “flair” to every task I’m in, communicating new ideas and strategies, and always retaining a good foresight on what may or may not happen, because problems will always come along the journey of learning, but it is with the preparation that success will be assured.

Alyssa Dellosa

Executive Assistant
I’m a warm and affectionate person who loves to connect with others. I have a bold and outgoing personality, and I’m not afraid to put myself out there and make new friends. My kind and positive nature makes others feel relaxed and at ease when they’re around me, and I love to spread joy and positivity wherever I go. I believe in living life to the fullest and embracing every moment, and I hope to inspire others to do the same.
MY MAGIC: While working at a BPO company, I grabbed an opportunity to mentor and train new hires. My own consistent track record of being a Top Performer and Top Innovator every month gave me the credibility and expertise to effectively guide and support my mentees. I was dedicated to helping them not only to meet their monthly targets, but also to develop their skills and build their confidence. I found immense joy in witnessing my mentees grow and succeed in their roles, and it was a privilege to be able to play a positive influence in their success stories.

Pauline Elasigue

Marketing Assistant
An Economics-graduate that started out as a financial analyst in the banking industry, but eventually found my love in Marketing. I have been supporting sales and marketing teams from around the globe since 2016.One of my dreams in this lifetime is to travel to every country I find interesting, immerse myself in their culture and try out all the delicious food (and coffee!). A huge fan of non-fiction books, discovering cool coffee spots and restaurants. A massive advocate for lifelong learning which I apply to myself as well, to always strive to become a better version of myself each day.
MY MAGIC: Perceives every mistake as an opportunity for growth. Loves getting outside of my comfort zone, because comfort is the enemy of progress. Passionate for all things marketing,  process improvement, optimization, and building automation solutions.

Angela Tan

Senior Coordinator
I love all things related to automated systems, funnel integration, and smooth like butter client experiences. I’m a firm believer of working smarter not harder and also an amazing puzzle solver. I love a good bubble tea, my husband, and my kids (not in that particular order LOL). I’m on a mission to help online business owners feel empowered by sustainable systems and automation that protects their CEO role and not let the fear and overwhelm of tech to stop them from achieving their goals in business.
MY MAGIC: Excels at assembling virtual tech pieces for automated workflows, investigating with limited information, building effective sales funnels, creating automated email sequences, setting up client workflows, integrating checkout pages, and configuring automated webinars.

Chauntel Gerald

Coordinator for Recruiting and Operations
I am a creative and empathetic individual who finds joy in exploring new experiences and connecting with diverse individuals. My personality is bold and energetic, and I strongly believe in living authentically and embracing life to the fullest. People often find comfort confiding in me due to my empathetic and open nature, and I take pleasure in bringing happiness and smiles to others' faces.In addition to my creative and artistic inclinations, I also possess a keen interest in organization and analytical tasks. My thirst for knowledge and learning is insatiable, and I take great satisfaction in completing tasks from my to-do list. My ultimate goal is to be a source of light not only in my life but also in the lives of others. I harbor love and admiration for all human beings and cherish the opportunities to travel the world and connect with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.My overarching aspiration is to live life to the fullest and to serve as a positive and uplifting force to everyone I encounter.
MY MAGIC: As someone who adores creativity, I am always innovating and thinking outside the box for solutions and improvements. Challenges don't intimidate me; I enjoy finding innovative ways to overcome them and stretching beyond my comfort zone. Change and growth excite me, presenting new opportunities in life. My inspiration comes from helping others achieve their goals, recognize their strength and uniqueness, and embrace their authentic selves.

Joe Battaglia

Senior Coordinator
Driven by curiosity and growth, I’m a collaborator, connector, and problem solver with an eye for the big picture and constant desire to better understand the “why” for everything. I consider myself a joyful generalist and take pride in my ability to learn new skills and adapt to challenging situations. My background is in cyber security R&D, where I’ve spent the last ten years working in various roles across research, engineering, and product teams, focused on finding new and creative ways to level up teams and products. I am a systems thinker and believe strongly in the importance of creating organizations and systems that respect and nurture the humans interwoven within them.
MY MAGIC: Creative and emergent leadership and problem-solving. Connecting the dots across teams or domains, especially at the intersection of technical, product and management. Building and growing human-centered teams, and the individuals within them, through communication and empathy.

Nadia Harris

I’m a third-culture kid who’s been a non-conformist since I remember. This approach has led me to work with innovative companies all around the world… literally! I’m passionate about people, intercultural communication and designing unique working environments in both start-ups and corporations. My keyword is always “people-centric”.I hold a legal degree, specializing in employment law and an MBA in Intercultural Managerial Communication. I also speak 5 languages and I travel the world… extensively!
MY MAGIC: “Good enough” is never enough for me. I make things happen, against all odds. I proudly design HR processes, policies and company culture to make the world of work a better place. My secret sauce is the human touch with a bit of automation to help everyone flourish at work!

Anubhuti (Ana) Swarup

Client Success Manager + Strategist
I am a strategic startup operator that rocket fuels your company. Being a 2x entrepreneur, I enjoy building creative +sustainable solutions for maximum impact. I began my career building a bootstrapped fine jewelry company from the group up. Since then I have closely partnered with mission-driven founders to help bring their vision to life. I have 10+ years of experience building successful businesses in various industries from fashion to tech.
MY MAGIC: Described as an Activator, I excel at breakingdown big ideas into an actionable roadmap & aligning (+energizing) teams for execution.