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We're passionate about building the most magical teams possible. We understand and support team building from BOTH sides. Both leaders and team members are longing for proper support and will flourish when they have it. We find that team members WANT to do more, to improve, and get results. But, leaders can’t, won’t, or don’t know how to support them in the ways that team members need to thrive. Our mission is to bridge the gap and make it a win-win for leaders AND their team.


It's heart-breaking to invest in someone who doesn't produce quality work and can't seem to keep up.
It can feel frustrating, time consuming, and like all of the responsibility falls on you or you take work back because you're worried it won't be done well.
If only you could have proper support, the business would really prosper!


You have more to give, but it feels like none of your bosses can see, wants, or nurture it.
Confidence and enthusiasm gets squashed when leaders "fix", give unclear direction, or are overly opinionated.
If only you could have proper support, you
would really make an impact!

Meet our team of operations experts and nerds


Christina Salerno

CEO and Senior Advisor
A serial entrepreneur since I was 16, at my core, I’m a maker and a builder. I love to uncover the improvements that make the most impact and then build solutions other people can maintain. I’ve been nicknamed the “all-seeing eye” and love to dive into a focus block and produce something magical that was just what the team needed to be set up for success. I also have a personal passion for finding and empowering hidden gems – the folks who often get overlooked but are secretly wonderful team members if only someone knew how to nurture their potential.
MY MAGIC: Investigative puzzle solver. Coaching that feels easeful yet potent. Builder of systems and experiences. Organizing all the things with a keen eye for aesthetics. Recognition and appreciation of people’s individuality.

Alex Canedo

Senior Operations Strategist and Client Success Director
I've been building high-growth operations teams – large and small – for over 10 years.
I began my career working with online entrepreneurs who showed me how to hit big revenue goals with small budgets. Eventually I made my way into Silicon Valley where I fell in love with building things from the ground up at mission-driven tech startups. I’m powered by an insatiable curiosity for life and a passion for helping people create magic in their operations.
MY MAGIC: Creating organization out of chaos. Thinking a few steps ahead to align decisions to the larger picture. Balancing nimbleness and innovation with sustainable practices.

Mercedes Ballard

People Operations Strategist and Team Success Director
Driven by insatiable curiosity and a belief in living authentically, I have a knack for building workplaces where people and businesses flourish. My diverse experience has taken me from the startup world to co-founding my own company focused on equitable and inclusive work environments. I am a Operations with a bias for action and a love for anything collaborative. I'm a guide and an empowerer who loves optimizing processes and helping people unleash their full potential.
MY MAGIC: Strategic vision that aligns people and goals. Empowering leadership that unlocks potential. Creating inclusive and value-driven workplaces. Building genuine connections.

Pricyl Jean Aguilar

Operations Assistant
With a varied background spanning both the BPO industry and freelance contracting, I have discovered my fervor lies within operations and project management. I am deeply committed to guiding and overseeing operations, providing unwavering support to unlock their utmost potential and achieve optimal results. I advocate for inclusive and diverse workplaces, recognizing their capacity to foster excellence.
Beyond professional pursuits, I am dedicated to volunteering with environmental causes and aiding stray dogs and cats. Raised with the belief that I can be their advocate, I find immense fulfillment in giving voice to these creatures. Overall, life is an extraordinary gift.
MY MAGIC: I derive great satisfaction from collaborating with individuals, studying, and developing processes that harmonize with the business and its employees. My passion lies in empowering operations for collaborative efforts and fostering an inclusive, diverse workplace.

Olivia Wirick

Senior Operations Coordinator and Tech Manager
When starting my career in the real estate world, I accidentally fell in love with recruiting even more than selling houses. If I’m not researching candidates and reviewing applications, I’m likely road tripping across America to the mountains, beaches, and everywhere in between. Fueled by my crippling coffee addiction, love to photograph breathtaking destinations, and longing to find the best hole in the wall restaurants that the locals adore.
MY MAGIC: A lover of new challenges, I bring my toolbox of lessons learned, skills mastered, and yearning to make the world a better place with me everywhere. Connecting someone with their dream job. Marketing the latest and greatest ‘built in the basement’ boutique. Blogging the best restaurants in town. Making a house a home. I love it all.

Ryan Nawal

Bookkeeper and Finance Assistant
I am a dedicated Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting graduate with over 7 years of diverse working experience across various fields. My journey began as a bookkeeper, and I have since honed my skills in both academia and the accounting industry. I'm a Certified Public Accountant in the Philippines with two internationally recognized certifications, the Registered Cost Accountant and Certified Bookkeeper. In short, I love accounting.
MY MAGIC: As an educator, I aim to make students love accounting as many consider it difficult. I love making complex things easy and fun. As an accountant, I transmute raw data into golden insights, budgets, forecasts, and cash flow. I reconcile accounts with precision. Assets, liabilities, and equity dance harmoniously under my watchful eye.

Nick Hamilton

Senior Technical, Compliance, & Strategic Advisor
From working in the intelligence community to over a decade in Silicon Valley to somatic coaching to master certified BBQ judge… I’ve been told by folks they never know what I will get into next. I’m a deep generalist. I believe what matters most is kindness, playfulness, good food, nature, and movement. I’m passionate about building teams with sustainable longterm strategy so they can be great without me.
MY MAGIC: Narrative storytelling. Distilling complex concepts into simple visual frameworks. Giving and receiving feedback. Expertise and experience across a wide range of industries.

Dorothy Kolb

Senior Financial Advisor
I’ve combined a decades-long (and seriously fun!) career leading finance, accounting, and operations for Fortune 500 companies, like NBC, CBS, and FOX, with a New York State CPA license and the belief that any business owner can be equipped with the tools and support necessary to take ownership of their own success journey. I've founded two companies, all while being a single mom of 4 sons (no, I'm not totally gray yet!).
MY MAGIC: I truly believe founders deserve the time and attention needed to make sound decisions from a knowledgeable and supportive partner.  I thrive on communicating financial information in a way that a business owner can absorb and act on.

Cara Parrish

Marketing Director and Senior Marketing Strategist
I’ve helped grow over 40 companies in a wide variety of industries, including as an early stage investor. I founded 5 companies. I’m a philanthropist and an International Marketing Consultant with work in India, England, Estonia, South Africa, Canada, and the US.
MY MAGIC: Obsession with data-driven decisions. Always mapping what comes next. Doing the exact work I was meant to do.

Ludmilla Wallendorf

CFO and Senior Advisor
Fun and spreadsheets are not mutually exclusive, and if you ever thought so, I am deadset on proving you wrong.

After a stint in corporate as a Chartered Accountant, I traded high heels and pencil skirts for backpacking my way through South America. Along the way, I started a consulting business and helped dozens of entrepreneurs “lift the fog” when it came to business finances.

I’m a certified Director of Operations, which means my advice is grounded in the day-to-day of running your business – not as solely an accountant behind a spreadsheet.
MY MAGIC: Bringing order to chaos in your business numbers. If you’re too afraid to “look under the hood” of your business numbers, don’t worry, you are totally not alone! I’ll partner with you to demystify your numbers and build you a sustainable and profitable business.

Maica Angelica Miculob

Special Projects Manager
I am a generalist whose happy place is anywhere there is coffee. I enjoy the process of closing loops, devising new ways to enhance performance and upgrade how things are done. Outside work, I’m a fulltime mom with a mission of using my grit to get the most out of life—even with three kids. Life has been colorful and messy. But at the end of the day, there’s so much beauty and love.
MY MAGIC: I love reducing processes, procedures and plans to their most basic parts. I love spotting minor flaws others fail to notice and figure out what needs to be fixed upgraded and updated. My calm response to chaos reassures others and helps me respond to what people need.

Tori Hennis

Senior Operations Coordinator
I am a Communications, Operations & Coordinator and Talent expert whose career has spanned industries and roles, from digital marketing for large corporations to managing operations of nonprofit organizations. I am passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technology, authentic communication, and team collaboration to optimize processes, manage complexity, drive efficiency, and amplify results. When I’m not using these skill to help organizations thrive and become more efficient, you can find me enjoying motherhood with my two young boys, live music with my husband, or by the water.
MY MAGIC: Follow-through, nurturing and supporting others, a collaborative mindset, servant leadership, and an unwavering commitment to mindful work.

Nikia McCoon

Operations & Executive Associate
I am wide and varied experienced Administrative and Marketing Assistant!
I navigate the office landscape with finesse, from hospitality to finance. Need a jack of all trades? That's my specialty! I thrive on rapid learning, strategic navigation, and excel at handling tricky situations, particularly in a pinch. Meticulously detail-oriented, and radiating positive vibes, I'm enthusiastic about advancing my career and adding a touch of magic to every step of my professional journey!
MY MAGIC: I am open to attempting any task, even if it is not in my realm of experience. I am dedicated to delivering positive outcomes for all stakeholders involved. No challenge is deemed too much, and I am committed to investing my utmost effort in successfully accomplishing any assignment, regardless of its complexity or difficulty.

Sarah Devantier

Operations & Executive Associate / Team Advocate
Hey there! I'm Sarah, and I'm not your typical Executive Assistant—I'm a dynamic force with a background as diverse as the tasks I conquer. In my professional journey, I've delved into the complexities of Cognitive Psychology, navigated the challenging landscape of small business ownership, and found solace in the art of knitting. These threads may seem disparate, but they all converge in a common fabric—an unwavering passion for learning (everything!) and a commitment to data-driven decision-making.
MY MAGIC: I specialize in the alchemy of routine – be it answering emails, scheduling, or diving into data entry. These seemingly mundane tasks that pull you away from your business's unique magic? I've got them covered. My nerdy heart finds immense joy in ticking off these boxes, freeing you up to focus on what only you can bring to your business. When you work with me, you're not just acquiring administrative support; you're gaining a versatile professional who thrives on life's diverse challenges. Let's collaborate to untangle the threads of your to-do list and craft a tapestry of efficiency and organization that aligns seamlessly with your business goals. Together, we'll turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

Chauntel Gerald

Operations Coordinator
I am a creative and empathetic individual who finds joy in exploring new experiences and connecting with diverse individuals. My personality is bold and energetic, and I strongly believe in living authentically and embracing life to the fullest. People often find comfort confiding in me due to my empathetic and open nature, and I take pleasure in bringing happiness and smiles to others' faces.In addition to my creative and artistic inclinations, I also possess a keen interest in organization and analytical tasks. My thirst for knowledge and learning is insatiable, and I take great satisfaction in completing tasks from my to-do list. My ultimate goal is to be a source of light not only in my life but also in the lives of others. I harbor love and admiration for all human beings and cherish the opportunities to travel the world and connect with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.My overarching aspiration is to live life to the fullest and to serve as a positive and uplifting force to everyone I encounter.
MY MAGIC: As someone who adores creativity, I am always innovating and thinking outside the box for solutions and improvements. Challenges don't intimidate me; I enjoy finding innovative ways to overcome them and stretching beyond my comfort zone. Change and growth excite me, presenting new opportunities in life. My inspiration comes from helping others achieve their goals, recognize their strength and uniqueness, and embrace their authentic selves.

Onis Csadi

Technical Strategist
A strategic partner for technology leaders.
I'm a deep thinker who gets excited about taking on bold challenges. A minimalist who believes less is more and that people make big efforts worthwhile.
  With a background in computer science and software engineering, I've spent the past decade building software with incredible organizations (from early-stage startups to large enterprises). Over the years, I've been fortunate to see the world through different lenses as an engineer, manager, founder, investor and advisor. My biggest takeaway is that things rarely go as planned, and that being able to adapt is the ultimate driver of success. In light of this, I have come to embrace the agile philosophy: human interactions over processes and tools, working systems over comprehensive documentation, collaboration over negotiation, and responding to change over following a plan.
MY MAGIC: Building high-performance agile teams, where people feel valued and empowered.

Nadia Harris

HR Strategist
I’m a third-culture kid who’s been a non-conformist since I remember. This approach has led me to work with innovative companies all around the world… literally! I’m passionate about people, intercultural communication and designing unique working environments in both start-ups and corporations. My keyword is always “people-centric”. I hold a legal degree, specializing in employment law and an MBA in Intercultural Managerial Communication. I also speak 5 languages and I travel the world… extensively!
MY MAGIC: “Good enough” is never enough for me. I make things happen, against all odds. I proudly design HR processes, policies and company culture to make the world of work a better place. My secret sauce is the human touch with a bit of automation to help everyone flourish at work!

Zadok Taylor

Operations Coordinator
I love figuring out how to make systems work for people, which I’ve done in some very disparate environments. This includes helping train classroom facilitators and build engaging community ESL programs, working with nonprofits, faith organizations, and immigrant communities. I also have experience in more structured settings, such as learning the intricacies of insurance as a dental admin and being a Chief of Staff for an innovative, fast-paced small startup. Being a part of small, mission-led teams is where I have built my career and what I love to do.
MY MAGIC: I love being in community and helping people achieve their goals through a dedication to empathy and a natural patience. I also love analyzing and building systems, with a particular fondness for intricate and beautiful spreadsheets. Together, we can weave the magic of growth, understanding, and achievement.

Alexandria Turner

Senior Operations Coordinator
I am an IT wizard with a knack for turning tech challenges into triumphs. With a background as an IT Business Analyst, I've navigated the realms of both enterprise giants and nimble small businesses. Specializing in software builds, platform migrations, and data management, I'm the go-to problem solver for identifying bottlenecks in processes and workflows.
MY MAGIC: I don't just spot problems; I unravel them with finesse, weaving solutions like a coding maestro. Whether it's untangling data conundrums or orchestrating seamless workflows, I'm the architect of efficiency. They say fortune favors the bold! Thus, challenges have been my playground. I’m all about chasing adventures, even if they come with a side of nerves. So, when I’m not deciphering complex data puzzles, you’ll find me conquering the skies while piloting small aircrafts.

Angela Tan

Senior Operations Coordinator
I love all things related to automated systems, funnel integration, and smooth like butter client experiences. I’m a firm believer of working smarter not harder and also an amazing puzzle solver. I love a good bubble tea, my husband, and my kids (not in that particular order LOL). I’m on a mission to help online business owners feel empowered by sustainable systems and automation that protects their CEO role and not let the fear and overwhelm of tech to stop them from achieving their goals in business.
MY MAGIC: Excels at assembling virtual tech pieces for automated workflows, investigating with limited information, building effective sales funnels, creating automated email sequences, setting up client workflows, integrating checkout pages, and configuring automated webinars.

Francesca Woltanski

Operations Coordinator
At heart, I’m a problem solver.  I enjoy finding patterns to create simple, streamlined solutions. I feel most satisfied when I’m developing strategies, and creating solutions for both teams and individuals.  I’ve been complimented for my ability to be present in the moment, and I love using that gift to make individuals feel warm, welcomed, and supported.  I also believe the right systems can free you up to do the things you love most.
On the weekends, you’ll see me redesigning my house or wardrobe via spreadsheet, and pulling out my watercolor paints. When I’m not playing with numbers, you’ll find me enjoying the salt-free waters of Lake Michigan, moving to the rhythm of my beats, or spending hours in deep conversation with those I love most. I believe in the power of celebrating wins big and small, digging deep, and laughing a lot.
MY MAGIC: If you want something systematized, I’m your girl. I’m a life coach whose motto is work smarter not harder. My magic is asking strategic questions that unearth what’s hidden beyond the surface. Other superpowers: driving projects forward, streamlining, creating processes where there are none, mentoring the team along the way to strengthen success.

Dominique Britt

Operations Coordinator
A strategic mind wrapped in the heart of a nurturer, I've been the backbone of operations for women in business, harmonizing their professional and personal worlds. From managing dual households across different states to facilitating my boys' school transitions, I tackle life's complexities head-on. My journey includes embracing the quirks of raising neurodivergent children and continuously adapting my business to better align with my evolving life. I'm passionate about not just surviving but thriving through the challenges, helping others do the same.
MY MAGIC: Master of systems and serenity. I transform entrepreneurial chaos into structured success, ensuring women find freedom in their grind. Through personalized project management and strategic planning, I help clients cut through the noise and focus on what truly propels them forward. My approach brings balance to business and life, empowering clients to pursue their passions without the overwhelm.

Miko De Leon

Operations & Executive Associate
Motivated by dedication to nurturing growth and fostering inclusive environments, I thrive on constructing collaborative workplaces where individuals and businesses can truly flourish. Whether navigating the dynamic terrain of startups or spearheading ventures aimed at cultivating equitable work cultures, my journey has been characterized by an unwavering commitment to authenticity and empowerment. With a diverse background spanning various industries and roles, I bring a wealth of experience in business development, operations, and customer success to every endeavor. My approach is guided by a belief in the power of genuine connections and the importance of aligning people with shared goals to drive collective success.
MY MAGIC: My magic resides in my strategic vision, which seamlessly aligns people and goals, propelling us toward collective success. As an empowering leader, I specialize in unlocking the full potential of individuals, creating value-driven workplaces that prioritize inclusivity, and forging genuine connections that fuel collaboration and innovation. Outside of work, you'll often find me on the badminton court, where I love to play competitively, or exploring the depths as a licensed diver. Additionally, I have a deep passion for music, whether it's playing a musical instrument or singing, and I find joy in immersing myself in its melodies whenever I can.

Aimee Joy

Operations & Executive Associate
Bringing a can-do attitude to whatever I do, my duality is my strength. I am a do-it-yourself-er who can also delegate and thrive in teams of all shapes and sizes. While my career journey began with a degree in Hospitality working for a country club, I found I wanted a more personal way to fulfill my passion for helping people. Taking that motivation to the corporate world, I honed in on what I do best: helping others by picking up the smallest details, organizing chaos, learning everything around me, and providing the utmost level of executive support. No matter the industry, I was the driving force for small start-ups and large corporations alike not only backing CEO’s, but a private school Admissions team and—after obtaining my Paralegal Certification—General Counsels as well. Working with such a wide array of executives, my versatility grew into marketing, event planning, contracts management, document creation management, and customer service. Now, with Magical Teams, I continue my quest to be that go-to person you can trust.
MY MAGIC: Nurturing is my superpower—at home and at work. Helping others with the utmost compassion gives me purpose and I aim to anticipate peoples’ needs before they even know they have them. I am a people-pleaser so let me take the little things off your plate so you can focus on the bigger picture. My eyes enjoy editing and I have a lifelong love of learning all the little things. In my quest for knowledge, I am that inquisitive person in the room who always asks “how?” or “why?” and who—if they don’t get a satisfactory answer—proactively pursues the answer themselves. Armed with information, I love details and organizing for those around me. Outside of work, I am a homebody who is a caregiver for my dad, an avid photographer, and someone who loves to be loved by my long-time partner, son, and daughter. They make my world go round and my happy place is with them.

Rose McGregor

Operations Coordinator
I am an operations and administrative generalist with over ten years in spearheading strategic support and organizational excellence across a variety of domains and industries. Known for analytical acumen and meticulous attention to detail, I excel in identifying and refining processes to optimize workflows and uphold the highest quality standards. Adept at communication, I effortlessly connect with team members across all levels, ensuring a seamless execution of complex, deadline-driven projects. My career is built on my passion for problem-solving, commitment to efficiency, and dedication to fostering environments of transparency and collaboration.
MY MAGIC: Strategic Agility: My skill set is a blend of strategic foresight and tactical efficiency, allowing me to navigate complex challenges with ease. With a background in diverse areas such as Office Operations, People Operations, and Digital Marketing, I possess the unique ability to see the larger picture while managing the minutiae that drive success.
Analytical Alchemy: I possess a keen ability to dissect data, recognize patterns, and anticipate potential pitfalls, turning obstacles into opportunities for improvement. This analytical prowess ensures that processes are not just optimized for the present but are also resilient to future challenges.
Operational Excellence: My operational expertise is grounded in a proactive approach to problem-solving and quality assurance. By anticipating and addressing issues before they escalate, I maintain a smooth and efficient workflow, contributing to the overall productivity and innovation of any project or team I am part of.
Collaborative Spirit: At the core of my magic is the belief in the power of communication and teamwork. By promoting a culture of transparency and open dialogue, I help weave a fabric of trust and mutual respect essential for our collective success. This collaborative ethos, combined with my adaptability and continuous pursuit of learning, fuels my personal growth and enables me to contribute value in diverse and dynamic environments.

Renata Leo

Senior Operations Coordinator
Hey hey! I'm Renata and I'm a generalist through and through - I can trace my generalist roots back to high school and college where I took classes in as many different disciplines as I could. After working in the corporate logistics and supply chain industry for 5 years (working 3 different jobs, of course), I pivoted to working with startups. CPG startups are my absolute favorite, especially those that go out of their way to be weird and funky. I like to joke that CPG startups are my bread and butter (sometimes literally!). As a certified Chief of Staff, I'm obsessed with learning new things and taking all kinds of tasks off of founders' plates from operations to marketing to supply chain to sales to customer service. My scrappiness knows no bounds!
MY MAGIC: I love to say that I go out of my way to "minimize founder dread." This means being proactive about recognizing when the founder is the bottleneck in a process that is continuously stalled and taking over responsibility so that they no longer have to worry about those tasks that would gum up the works.

Erika Sable

Operations Strategist
From Information Technology within large international corporations to marketing for independent small local businesses, I’ve worked with a variety of business types and sizes. The common denominator in my career path is being a Operations– I want to help a business figure out “What’s the plan for success?” One of the biggest keys to that is a team that can help the business grow, and I love having a part in helping our clients find their own magic team.
MY MAGIC: I thrive on working with small businesses and helping them to build the right team that helps them grow and fulfill their vision. I also love working at a higher level on projects to sort through multiple moving parts and make it a streamlined process for my team and my clients. I’ve been fortunate to work in a number of industries and I’m beyond thankful for that experience and insight.

Anubhuti (Ana) Swarup

Operations Strategist
I am a strategic startup operator that rocket fuels your company. Being a 2x entrepreneur, I enjoy building creative + sustainable solutions for maximum impact. I began my career building a bootstrapped fine jewelry company from the group up. Since then I have closely partnered with mission-driven founders to help bring their vision to life. I have 10+ years of experience building successful businesses in various industries from fashion to tech.
MY MAGIC: Described as an Activator, I excel at breakingdown big ideas into an actionable roadmap & aligning (+energizing) teams for execution.

Joe Battaglia

Senior Technical Coordinator
Driven by curiosity and growth, I’m a collaborator, connector, and problem solver with an eye for the big picture and constant desire to better understand the “why” for everything. I consider myself a joyful generalist and take pride in my ability to learn new skills and adapt to challenging situations. My background is in cyber security R&D, where I’ve spent the last ten years working in various roles across research, engineering, and product teams, focused on finding new and creative ways to level up teams and products. I am a systems thinker and believe strongly in the importance of creating organizations and systems that respect and nurture the humans interwoven within them.
MY MAGIC: Creative and emergent leadership and problem-solving. Connecting the dots across teams or domains, especially at the intersection of technical, product and management. Building and growing human-centered teams, and the individuals within them, through communication and empathy.

Amy Neiman

Operations Coordinator
I am a positive spirit providing insightful solutions with genuine compassion for all people. With a Masters in Psychology + spending 15 years in the entertainment industry, my organizing + streamlining skills were well honed before launching my organizing business. I love empowering others in achieving their goals, dreams, and tapping into their inner gifts. I create order out of chaos and bring my 25+ years of out-of-the-box problem-solving experience to all that I endeavor. I have a love of photography, dance + music!
MY MAGIC: Being a catalyst for individuals on what they want to accomplish next. I bring a sense of listening, groundedness, productivity, and ease to our conversations that has them take action + make decisions. I have the ability to see the bigger picture with an eye for the details. As a natural producer, I get things done.