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Hi.         Nice to meet you. We're the magic!
We, at Magical Teams, are matchmakers and mentors who  bridge the gap between you as a business leader and team members who are passionate, driven, and highly talented.
We understand and empathize with both sides of the team building process; we work to pair you with the people and processes that will match the vision you have for your business.
“I’d highly recommend working with Magical Teams if you’re looking to be backed by the ‘A Team’. Christina brings with her an invaluable breadth of working experience that spans multiple industries and roles and was a huge asset to us when we were hiring, and leading our team, as well as in need of nitty-gritty business operations optimization and execution. Our company has increased revenue, improved our day-to- day operations, and I as a leader have not only won back time but have grown leaps and bounds on a professional and personal level by working with them"
- Gesche Haas, Founder & CEO of Dreamers & Doers