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If your team is too small or your still on the dreaded solo trek up success mountain you know that the workload will quickly become too much. That's if you're not already stretching right into the land of burnout. There's no way to deliver your services or products at 100% of what your capable of when you're operating with 10% of the hands or skills you need.
Your customers deserve your best and we know that's what you want to deliver every time. You love your company. You love your customers. You've poured so much into making the relationship between the two a success, but... here you are. You need some magic to make it all happen.
You’ve done all you can to optimize your time. But, you’re only human and you need team support and the right hiring tools.
But OMG, why is hiring so hard?!
Maybe you’ve tried to hire already, but you’ve ended up trapped in a hire-fire cycle, holding on to that “someone” because it’s better than nothing, or stuck trying to team build without positive results. This has probably only cost you your time and resources.
Hiring doesn't have to feel like this. Teams don't have to be fleeting. It's very VERY possible to build a team who is invested in your mission and makes hiring exciting, fulfilling even.

We know this might sound like it's all too magic to be based in reality but this is the reality we make for our clients every day. Not just for our clients but also for the team they're building. Our glowing reviews come from both clients hiring and the candidates going through the hiring process (even often from the ones who don't get hired!)

Let us show you how to make hiring a good experience and the best reflection of your company's values.

"They helped us 'see into the future'

with their unique hiring campaign."

"Hiring is usually stressful because you feel like you have to make a big decision based on brief flashes of information. However, Magical Teams helped us “see into the future” by using their unique hiring campaign to uncover things you normally don’t find out until after you’ve hired someone. I felt at ease watching them captain the various stages of recruiting and evaluation. The whole process was more thorough than anything we would have come up with on our own. They also helped us sort through the factors that would end up mattering most to a small team like ours. Our new hires integrated seamlessly into our team, and they really hit the ground running on day one. Looking back, we know with confidence exactly why each person was hired.”
- Michelle V