Our Hiring Philosophy

If you’ve applied to one of our clients’ open roles, or stumbled on this page looking for an open role… this page is for you.

At Magical Teams, we approach hiring differently and want to help you succeed and find your dream role/company.
You can read more about our hiring philosophy with some tips below!


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Thoroughly read and consider every application, email, and interaction throughout the process.
Assume you’re amazing and have valuable skills to contribute. Every step of the process helps us better understand you and your potential contributions.
Communicate with you every step of the way. We typically respond to emails within 1 business day and try to give an estimate for when we will provide the next update. We do our best, but we're a small team and also human! If you haven’t heard from us, check your spam, or contact us.
Give you the benefit of the doubt. We know finding a job can be filled with excitement and nervousness. And life can happen unexpectedly. We welcome honesty and communication and we will try our best to accommodate any needs you might have.
Check our biases. As often as we can. Everyone on our hiring team studies and implements diversity, equity, justice, and inclusion. We double check with each other throughout the process and highly encourage any and all feedback to improve.
Consider you for other open/future positions if you’re not a fit for the one you’ve applied for. We love hiring as matchmakers and want you to feel like we’re on your side too.

Our goal is for you to have an extraordinary experience throughout the hiring process.

What will the hiring process look like?

Each hiring process is customized for the company and role. At minimum, there will be an application + mission (skills assessment) + interview. We include additional evaluation steps as needed and will communicate with you what the steps will be. We aim to be thorough, but efficient.

Our internal hiring team at Magical Teams oversees the entire campaign and typically loops in the team member(s) at the company with the open role in the interview stage. Think of us as the recruiter and the company you’ve applied to as the hiring manager.

Important: We 100% welcome requests for modifications to our process based on accessibility, accommodations, or other needs you may have throughout the hiring experience. Please feel free to let us know what we can do and we will do our best to help you thrive.

What is a "mission"?

This is the most important step of our process. It’s an evaluation step for both company and candidates to get a real sense of whether it’s a fit to work together. Too often candidates get into a role and realize it’s not what they thought it would be. We custom create each mission’s parts based on the core types of tasks that the company needs to get done.

We tend to give more people an opportunity to do a mission as we’re able to find some amazing hidden talent that would have otherwise been overlooked from just the resume.

We review each mission received and have a numerical score rating system for various parts and aspects of the mission. This allows for a very thorough and as least biased as possible evaluation process.

Tips to stand out as a candidate:

We use “applicant tracking systems” which allows for all communications and information to be collected into one centralized location. This is very helpful with multiple people working on a hiring campaign at once. We love proactiveness, but if you try to call or email outside of the system, we will need to redirect you back to our process.
Any instructions given (or lack thereof) are deliberate. The companies we help to hire for care about details and quality. There are no “tricks.” You put in your attention and thoughtfulness, and it will shine through.
Simple, but thoughtful and enthusiastic emails are encouraged. Response times are noticed and explanations for longer delays are welcomed.
This process is also a chance for you to evaluate the company/role you’ve applied for and make sure it’s a fit. You can always ask questions, feedback, and share insights along the way!

Guiding principles for our decisions:

We put very little significance on resumes or credentials. (With some exceptions for specialized skill sets.)

We look at direct and indirect experience/skills and believe it all can be applicable. As hiring matchmakers, we want to know you as a whole person, including: your strengths, gap areas, thought process, core values, work preferences, collaboration style, and more.

We care most about your capacity to develop skills, how you will BE as you’re doing the work day-to-day, and the environment and leadership that will best help you to thrive.

“In the right environment, people will blossom.”

We consider a variety of factors depending on what’s going to result in the best outcome. For example… Some companies have more time and resources for training, others have less available. Some leaders are more direct and abrupt in their style while others are more collaborative and nurturing. Some environments are extremely fast-paced and execution oriented and others have more room for being strategic, experimental, and creative.

We do our best to find a win-win for both the candidate and the company.