Are you looking for work at an amazing small business?

We love helping to make matches between companies and candidates to find the perfect fit.

Typically the businesses we work with are (but not exclusively):
– Small/micro in size with < 30 employees
– Women founders, or women in leadership
– 100% remote with mostly flexible hours
– Equity-centered and prioritize DEI
– Excellent work ethics with a high bar for quality

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I just accepted a job offer yesterday. Very exciting. It was really helpful to fill out your form to get super clear on what I wanted and then it came my way.
Wow - this referral is so in line with what I'm looking for it is actually a bit eerie. I actually had this in the back of my mind but haven't known quite how to articulate it. Opportunities like this have always seemed a bit elusive, so I am really impressed with this position!