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Waverly Ave Consulting’s Path to Growth and Efficiency with Magical Teams

Waverly Ave Consulting is a business development and growth partner for six-figure creative agencies on their path to $1m. They create sustainable and profitable growth strategies that put founders back in control of their business - working with the right clients, at the right time, at the right price. They are reinventing the traditional agency model with a modern approach to scaling that doesn't depend on burnout. They partner with agencies through short-term consulting and their incubator program, The Growth Collective.

The Challenge

Melissa, the founder, was struggling to maintain operations for her growing business due to a lack of systems and finding the right support. After previous negative experiences with VA support, Melissa was in search of a partnership that could provide reliable and proactive improvements for her backend operations and client experience.

Our Solution

Our solution began with a comprehensive audit of Waverly Ave Consulting’s tools and processes to identify how we could help Melissa save time every week. This evaluation resulted in a series of streamlined new processes and systems for client onboarding and management, inbox and calendar management, and more. As a result, Melissa was able to spend her time finding several new clients and increasing revenue.

Key Results Achieved


Enhanced Operational Efficiency


Increased Capacity For New Clients


Increased Revenue Potential
- Implemented strategic tools for communication and project management significantly boosting productivity.
- Streamlined client onboarding, cutting down the time from 1-2 hours to about 15 minutes per client.
- Optimized existing tech tools and processes for increased efficiency.
- Reduced time for Melissa to review meeting recaps from 2-3 hours to just 1 hour weekly.
“They are highly engaged, extremely talented, and have acted as an extension of my team from day one. If you’re a new or small business looking to scale, I highly recommend letting them be your “team in a box” - Melissa
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