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you may have felt unheard, forced to work on tasks that you don’t enjoy or find difficult


you may have felt disappointed with the quality of work done by the people you pay
It can be immensely frustrating for both sides, often leaving everyone wondering, ‘Am I doing something wrong?”
The best kind of job is one where you’re constantly learning, but in a way that isn’t overwhelming. Striking a balance in between so that you aren’t bored out of your mind or drowning in work that you struggle with.
This is a concept that most people don’t
think of, yet is something that makes a tremendous impact on teams and how they function.
The Optimal Performance Spectrum is a simple tool that holds a lot of power. By identifying the core elements of what you
are experiencing for either yourself or your team members, you can find a way to work out the kinks. Experience the spectrum for free now by entering your details.
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"The CEO whisperer that

you didn't realize you needed! "

“I’d highly recommend working with Magical Teams if you’re looking to be backed by the ‘A Team’. Christina brings with her an invaluable breadth of working experience that spans multiple industries and roles and was a huge asset to us when we were hiring, and leading our team, as well as in need of nitty-gritty business operations optimization and execution.Our company has increased revenue, improved our day-to-day operations, and I as a leader have not only won back time but have grown leaps and bounds on a professional and personal level by working with them"
- Gesche Haas, Founder & CEO of Dreamers & Doers